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Private Session

A private session with Robell is invariably experienced as a pleasant, helpful and transformative experience.

Robell is an Energy Essence, projected here as a human being, to initiate and guide the global transformation into a new civilization. As part of a large collective of other Essences, he is able to offer support and information on a broader and deeper level. Robell's only agenda is yours.

A private session can be helpful if you:

  • want help with your transformation process
  • struggle with a certain topic
  • need support
  • want to express yourself freely without consequences
  • have questions related to yourself or the current shift

Note: Robell may indicate certain probabilities, but he does not make predictions for the future. Nothing is absolute.

A private session lasts approximately one hour and costs € 250. Sessions go through Zoom (video). After you have booked a session, you will receive a confirmation email with more information.

Please use the calendar below to select a session date and time. Make sure to select the correct time zone.