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Who is Robell? 

Robell is an Energy Essence, projected here as a human being, to initiate and guide the global transformation into a new civilization.

To fulfill this role as effectively as possible, Robell is also part of a large collective of other Essences. This collective offers him support on every level while initiating and guiding this global transformation. Robell serves as a living example of a connected and shifted human being. He is the only public representation of this collective in this role.
“I am here to help start a new era, in which the welfare of Humanity is the starting point.”


Robell assists humanity in creating a new individual and collective perception. This allows humanity to carry out a global transformation, which ultimately results in a completely new civilization.

He introduces a new perception that supports individuality, self-discovery, self-awareness, freedom and expansion. Robell promotes individuality, authenticity, self-direction, self-structuring, personal responsibility, unity and connection.

* Individuality and unity make everything possible *


While Robell has a unique role in the shift to a new civilization, he is here by no means as a world leader, savior, messiah, liberator, etc. Assuming or accepting such a role would again result in the giving away of individual and collective responsibility to someone else or something 'higher'. That era is over. From now on Humanity itself is responsible.

As a personality, Robell is not there to meet the countless expectations, predictions and interpretations that exist around a person in his role. He is here to  initiate a new era in the most effective and realistic way possible. He focuses on what is essential: assisting humanity transform towards a new world. A world in which - for the first time - the welfare of Humanity is the starting point, in harmony with all else.

Robell has no individual direction or agenda. He initiates and guides, but humanity is leading and has the final say.


For more than 25 years, Robell has helped people to better understand themselves and this reality, and to prepare for what is currently happening on the planet.

Over the years, he has given more than 900 workshops and lectures on the workings of humanity, this reality and existence. In addition to the (inter) national lectures and workshops, over the past twenty years, he has transferred various methods and techniques on how to reconnect with oneself and one's Essence.

Following Robell's first Pioneer Course, a Dutch book was published in 2015 entitled: Waking Up in a World Asleep - a Robell Book. Thousands of copies have been sold so far.
From an early age I was looking for real answers. Until a few years ago, when I read the Robell book 'Wakker Zijn'. Joining the Shift Pioneer Group was the next logical step. I finally found answers to all the questions that I had. The insights didn't come easy, but they are enlightening and new insights emerge every time. My encounters with Robell have been an enrichment and a turning point in my life.
Yashica Peperkamp
I experience Robell as inspiring, helpful, humorous, enlightening, no-nonsese and realistic. They are like a beacon that allows me to navigate my course with more ease, pleasure and confidence.
Eva Smal
Investment Analyst

Private Sessions

A private session with Robell is invariably experienced as a pleasant, helpful and transformative experience.

Robell does not judge and is always helpful. This gives you the opportunity to be your true self and to speak freely. Robell's only agenda is yours.
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Robell Disclaimer

Robell does not bring a new religion, philosophy, theory or view. He does not represent any "school". He rejects any authority of any guru or spiritual leader. Robell does not want to convince anyone of anything. He offers support and guidance, but it is up to Humanity to accomplish this shift.
“Together we create a new world.”