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The Shift Has Begun

March 15, 2020

This article has been translated from Dutch and may therefore lack the original flow.

"This reality is shifting to a completely new reality". I have said these words over and over again. For years I have given you information about yourselves, about this reality, and about what this shift entails. I have provided all of this information to help you prepare for the actual shift. Because, as I have said before, anyone who does not understand what is going on and does not actually implement what I have suggested, will inevitably have unpleasant experiences.

Until now, everything I have done was largely to help you prepare for the shift, as the actual shift was yet to begin. Now, with the virus and the massive consequences and changes this creates, the shift has begun. Now we are truly on our way to a new civilization. In thirty years, no one will remember this reality as it is now. This is the collective choice that has been made.

Many times I have said that this new civilization does not just happen overnight. Everything is changing collectively, because you are changing collectively. Internal shifts cause external shifts. Energetically, enormous changes are taking place to make those internal changes possible. Anyone who does not shift will withdraw. No one on this planet will be able to avoid the influences and changes that are part of this shift. Waiting on the sidelines for a different reality to arise will not be an option.

Openness, trust and acceptance are the most important elements during this shift.

For many of you, it is only now starting to dawn on you that the shift may actually be true. This realization causes a lot of unrest, however. And this unrest adds to the turmoil and panic that have already arisen from all the changes going on planetary which are caused by this virus. What I notice is that most of you are withdrawing and disconnect, because that is what you are used to doing in times of change and un-certainty. But because we are shifting towards openness and connection, this is not an advisable direction to move into.

Those who close themselves off and fight against change will face a difficult time. Openness, trust and acceptance are the most important elements during this shift. Not just in your head, but truly, genuinely from within. I am here to help you get through this period of great change in the most pleasant way possible. Now is the time to actually use and implement the information I and other Essences have provided and the suggestions we have made over the past fifty years.

There is no need to feel like a victim and live in fear. But for this to be possible, your attention has to move to you, no longer to the world outside. Anyone can do this, but as always the choice is yours.

With love,

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