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I haven't received any emails

Emails sent by Robell International are always safe. They comply with all verification methods: DMARC, SPF, DKIM, Spamhaus and Barracuda. They are also always checked for viruses before they are sent.

All of this ensures that providers officially know that they can forward our emails securely to your inbox. Unfortunately, they often ignore the rules that apply to email traffic.

Where can you find our emails if they don't appear in the inbox?

In the best case they will be placed in your spam folder. In other cases they will appear in the 'junk e-mail' folder.

In trickier cases, you don't see them at all. Then you usually have to go to your email via webmail and look up our emails in the unwanted email or spam folder.

Gmail also often puts such e-mails in a spam folder. You can only find it by clicking on 'More' for other options.

Let your provider know we're safe!

To (from now on) prevent this from happening, it is important that you put hello@robell.world and info@robell.world in your contact list. Sometimes this is called a 'whitelist'.

Mark emails from us that are in spam or unwanted email folders as 'not spam' or as 'safe'. Move our emails to your inbox. This will let your provider know that you do wish to receive them.

Do you have any questions? Send us a message or email us at hello@robell.world. We are happy to help you.