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You have a choice

In every moment, you have a choice to make: Will you be helpful or will you be harmful?

Being helpful towards others means offering your support according to the other's expressed desire, not your own. This is an immense challenge. 

Being helpful towards yourself means assisting yourself in making decisions that are objectively chosen. These decisions cannot be driven by emotions. Emotions are valuable as an internal feedback mechanism, but absolutely not as a guideline for action. These objective choices must be based on true and authentic understanding, insight, and inner intentions and guidelines. 

It all begins with you

This is not love. Humans do not yet understand what universal or true love is. Human love is an emotion, conditional and superficial. To understand true love, one must genuinely understand what true helpfulness is-which is not sacrifice. There is no nobility in sacrifice. Nor is there any need for it. 

The challenge is to not separate yourself. As soon as you think of your invented term "ego," you have divided yourself. As soon as you "distance" yourself from yourself or others, you have again divided yourself. These are only mind games. So indeed, this is another challenge. 

In their quest for self-and others' approval to be a good person, most people immediately move to be helpful towards others. But until one is genuinely helpful towards oneself, one will not be of true value to others. So it all begins with you.

With love,

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