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You Can Trust Yourself

December 20, 2018

This article has been translated from Dutch and may therefore lack the original flow.

In the future one of the most important changes that you will experience is that, for the first time, you will start trusting yourself and others. This is not the mental confidence that you are familiar with now, based on what someone has accomplished or knows, or because you have told yourself you are a 'good person'. So far this has been the case, which causes many problems and limitations.

The new, genuine trust that you are about to discover is based on the realization, the remembrance, of who and what you really are. You will know that you are perfect just as you are, in any moment, regardless of any standard. You will know that nothing is good or bad, there is only personal preference.

With this remembrance also comes the realization that you can create a reality that you truly desire. You are not victims, you never have been. Once that trust is there, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have always taken care of yourself. You simply didn't understand.

You always give yourself whatever you wish for

During a course I wrote the following: 'I want to remind you once again that you can trust yourself. That you support yourself over and over again, in countless ways. And that you never get tired of yourself, never become impatient. As a personality you may hate yourself and be impatient and disappointed, the wonderful thing is that as the Essence that you truly are, you will never share those conclusions.

You are your own perfect partner, with infinite patience, love, understanding and acceptance. You always give yourself whatever you wish for, regardless of whether you accept it or not—trusting you will eventually understand and allow. There will never be someone that understands and knows you better than you. You can always trust yourself.

With love,

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