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You Are the Future

April 25, 2020

This article has been translated from Dutch and may therefore lack the original flow.

99% of humanity lives, thinks and acts as instructed by just a handful of people. There has never been an independent civilization in all of history. In fact, these few people have always determined for the rest of humanity how to live, think and act. This is also the case now. The system they designed is much smarter and more opaque than ever before, but in reality nothing has changed. It may have seemed like you were free, but that freedom is now evaporating quickly. Humanity is sitting at home— afraid, divided, powerless and in isolation. Again waiting for those few to tell them what to think and do.

I am here because you have asked me to assist in the shift to a new civilization. Through many channels I have provided information, ways and support so you could become more and more aware of yourself in a broader, deeper sense. I have always emphasized the importance of focusing on yourself, to be aware of yourself, and the fact that everyone creates their own reality. The decisions you make determines your reality. This has been my message; nothing and no one else can do this for you.

I have done my best to make it clear that all of the individual realities together create a collective, which determines your collective reality. This is how you are one: a collection of 7.8 billion realities, which together form one reality. Once you start to work together to implement a different world, this one reality will change effortlessly.

You yourselves are responsible to actualize the shift to this new civilization.

Up until now, you have chosen to allow your individual reality to be controlled by a few. In doing this, you have given away not just your individual ability to create, but also your collective ability. Your collective reality has now become part of the reality of those few others, with far-reaching implications. The current situation and your reality as it is right now are the direct results of this choice.

The reason why I have put so much emphasis on focusing on yourself and on creating your own reality over the past 25 years, is not because everything else doesn't matter. I have done so because if you don't start to think and act independently of what you have been taught, nothing new can ever happen. If you do not wake up yourselves first, then it will not be possible to ever create a new civilization together which reflects what you truly want.

The only way to change the current situation is to truly and unconditionally accept responsibility for your own decisions and reality, for the first time in history. Only then will it be possible to bridge major differences and to create a reality together that is all about freedom, cooperation and interconnectedness.

A new civilization will most likely emerge, as this is a collective choice that has been made on a deeper level. This new civilization already exists as a probability, but it is up to you to materialize it here. I want to remind you that you yourselves are responsible to actualize this shift to this new civilization. If you do not collectively make the choice to take that responsibility, then there is not going to be a new civilization. It is not going to happen for you, but with you and because of you. Nothing is ever fixed, nor whether this new civilization is going to emerge here, or how it is going to come about. If you choose differently, a completely different reality will arise from what you collectively have envisioned.

All of existence is looking forward to this unique shift. You are not alone, my support is unconditional. This shift takes courage, but it is easier than it seems. If you are looking for true fulfillment, freedom and unity, now is the time to truly decide differently and together take steps in a new direction. The future is up to you. You are the future.

With love,

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