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Choosing Unity

February 17, 2020

This article has been translated from Dutch and may therefore lack the original flow.

At a time when humanity is becoming increasingly restless, it is important to stay connected. In order to do that, it is important to understand that your emotions are not intended to react upon, nor are they an indication of truth. No matter what emotions you feel, they are meant as an internal feedback tool, to help you understand what you believe. Emotions inform you about yourself, period.

One of the biggest hurdles humanity will have to overcome in the near future is to no longer react to emotions, but to start using them as originally intended. This change is an important part of the shift to a new civilization. Without the understanding and correct use of emotions, there can not be a planetary shift. It is that important.

Is this easy? Definitely not. Never before have beliefs and emotions been dealt with correctly. However, this was the idea when this reality was created, so nothing has gone wrong. But as you collectively shift to a new civilization, you have chosen to deal with beliefs and emotions as intended.

There's no need to wait — you can start now by realizing that the emotions you feel are the result of your beliefs. More specifically, they are the result of what you believe is right or wrong. Emotions serve as feedback on a personal opinion. They are absolutely not based on any truth whatsoever, no matter how many people believe the same thing, or how true something seems.

No one is in charge of someone else, regardless of the situation.

Responding to emotions as if they represent the truth is the main reason why there are so many problems on this planet. Emotions are an indication of your own personal preference, which is important to you. Other people have their own beliefs and preferences too, just like you. And both are equally fine. A better or truer belief or opinion does not exist.

Any contest or debate to decide who is right, or to convince someone else, is unjustified. Everyone is always right. Therefore any discussion is pointless. Genuinely respecting the preferences of others is an important step towards unity and the new civilization. Truly understanding and implementing this will be the end of all conflicts, manipulation and suppression.

Does this mean you should do what someone else prefers? Absolutely not. But that is also the case the other way around. From now on, start to realize that every time you think someone should do something else, this is not true, but an opinion. Someone else, just like you, is free to follow his or her preferences, regardless of what you believe or want. No one is in charge of someone else, regardless of the situation. In the new civilization this will be understood.

So the new civilization will be characterized by unity — perhaps in a different way than people now believe, but unity will be a fact. However, this is not possible without understanding emotions and the correct use of them. You don't have to wait for a new civilization; you can experience that unity in your own reality now and create a very different life.

With love,

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